Rating System

We rate movies using a letter grade system, according to the chart below. (Children’s movies are rated according to a slightly different system.) You’ll find no grade inflation here at AboutFilmboards.Com, so anything rated a C+ or higher is above average, in the opinion of the reviewer, and thus recommended viewing.

A+ One of the very best of its genre; a seminal film worth seeing again and again
A Outstanding; any flaws are easily overlooked
A- A flawed gem; excellent movie with minor but noticeable shortcomings
B+ Very good; worth going out of your way to see
B Good; a solid effort–not essential viewing, but worth seeing
B- Good but quite uneven; contains both compelling features and substantial problems
C+ Slightly above average; nothing special but enjoyable
C So-so; average–individual results may vary
C- Mediocre but watchable
D+ Pretty bad, although watchable in parts
D Consistently poor; worth going out of your way to miss
D- Quite awful, albeit with some minor redeeming quality
F Notify Amnesty International–this film is a crime against humanity