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Why does the world need another movie Web site?

Sometimes the opinions of the reviewers in your local newspaper aren’t enough. Maybe they’re stuffed shirts who don’t like anything offbeat. Maybe they’re completely undiscriminating, always gushing about every movie, no matter how bad. Perhaps they’re pretentious pedagogues who hate anything from Hollywood and love everything independent.

2018 Superhero Movies Ranked

We don’t believe in judging a film based on where it was made or how “commercial” it is. We happen to think that little things like the writing, the acting, and the direction determine whether a movie is good or bad. Terminator 2 is not inherently worse than Wings of Desire simply because it has different goals. Movies can be many things–emotionally moving, escapist fun, intellectually stimulating, or funny. No one of these things is inherently more valid than the others. The bottom line is, is the movie entertaining? We judge films on their own merits and, of course, our wildly subjective opinions.

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Unfortunately, we can’t offer this web site as a comprehensive research tool. You’ll have to visit the All-Movie Guide or Internet Movie Database for that. Given our current resources, we are not yet reviewing every single movie that is released, and aren’t always able to post a review before a film opens. But we are doing the best we can.


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